Behind the scenes

Say hello to vxFlow.

Of course the simple and easy store front offered by vxStore is only half of the story. Behind the scenes some very clever stuff is happening.

When an order is submitted via vxStore, it gets picked up and routed by the vxFlow workflow engine.

Human orchestration

Managing the managers.

vxFlow is a highly sophisticated business process engine that ensures all appropriate governance gets applied to the new order.

Does the requester need budgetary approval? Do they need technical approval? Rules can be built to ensure that the order only gets put forward for provisioning once all the correct security and governance has been applied. Managers get notified by email and they can approve or reject straight back via email or via the vxFlow mobile app.

We call this “human orchestration”.


Systems orchestration

A workflow that rules.

As well as human orchestration vxFlow will also orchestrate systems. One of the task types that you can drop into a workflow is an “Outbound Action”. This acts as a bridge to the vxFlow integration platform where a myriad connectors can hook into most systems you can think of.

So the business user requests a new VM. The workflow will pass that request to the relevant managers. Once they have approved it, vxFlow next instructs the cloud system to create the VM with the appropriate properties applied from the user’s original request. The cloud system will instantiate the VM and pass the information about the newly created VM to vxFlow which adds this information back into vxStore.

In this way you get a completely “closed loop” ordering and provisioning system.

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